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Texting and Talking While Driving

Texting and Talking While Driving

Pedestrian being struck by a vehicle

Texting and Talking while driving is not only dangerous, it’s against the law!


In October 2009 the Government of Ontario introduced Bill 118 restricting the use of handheld communication devices while driving. Studies have shown that cell phone use accounts for almost the same number of accidents as drugs and alcohol.

If you must communicate while you are on the road, here are some tips for a safe and legal journey:


  • Use a hands free adapter for your communication devise.
  • Stop and have a coffee, communicate while you are enjoying this.
  • Let callers go to voice mail and retrieve the messages when you stop.
  • Place your phone on silent while you are driving, this way you will not be tempted to respond.
  • Use a messaging service such as Encore TeleSolutions, we can take your calls, receive your emails, handle your inquiries and provide your customers with the support services they require while you are on the road.

Safe driving!

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