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Terms and Conditions

  1. Monthly invoices are sent on or about the 26th of each month. Base rate is billed in advance, additional usage in arrears. Payment Terms: Invoice Due upon receipt.
  2. Messages/Communications, until delivered, are the property of Encore TeleSolutions Inc. which may, at its discretion, hold messages for delivery pending receipt of payment and/or may discontinue service at any time after 30 days of non payment has elapsed, if delinquency continues. Such action does not modify or nullify this contract in any way whatsoever. The ‘Subscriber’ agrees to pay Encore TeleSolutions Inc. a late payment fee of 24% per annum on all overdue accounts. Payment is due upon receipt. Accounts at 31 days will have a reminder call. Accounts at 38 days will have a $15.00 account reminder charge. Accounts at 45 days will be disconnected. Disconnect due to non-payment is subject to a reconnect fee of $75.00.
  3. The ‘Subscriber’ agrees to pay Encore TeleSolutions Inc. a charge of $25.00 for all uncashed cheques returned to Encore TeleSolutions Inc. by the ‘Subscribers’ bank for whatever reason.
  4. The ‘Subscriber’ agrees that the disconnect date is the last day of each month and that written notice of disconnect must reach Encore TeleSolutions Inc. head office 30 days prior to the disconnect date.
  5. One simultaneous call unless otherwise stated.
  6. Line Maintenance Fee will be billed bi-monthly.
  7. Data Security Charge will be billed bi-monthly.
  8. The ‘Subscriber’ agrees to pay Encore TeleSolutions Inc. a volume based Stat Holiday fee. This fee will be billed on all client accounts for each Statutory and Civic Holiday.
  9. Messages/Communications relayed to our customers remain in our system for up to 72 hours. These are routinely deleted from our system for reasons of data space and confidentiality. Extended storage can be pre-arranged; the cost is based on volume and the length of storage.
  10. Calls may be recorded for reasons of quality assurance, training and verification of information. A call logging fee based on volume will be billed on all client accounts.
  11. Encore TeleSolutions Inc. shall not be liable for any interruption or failure in service which may occur due to: any mechanical or technical difficulties, war, acts of God, fires, storms, accidents, governmental regulations, labour disturbances (including strikes and lockouts), or interference or any cause whatsoever beyond its reasonable control.
  12. Encore TeleSolutions Inc. is not responsible for any loss or damage which may be suffered due to error on the part of persons employed or contracted by Encore TeleSolutions Inc. If however, Encore TeleSolutions Inc. is found to be liable the maximum dollar amount of the liability will be three times the value of the call as billed by Encore TeleSolutions Inc. or $30.00, whichever is lesser.
  13. It is the responsibility of the client to forward/route their lines to us.
  14. The DID or routing number provided by us to the customer is not to be used for advertising unless written permission is obtained. This permission must be received annually in writing on or before November 1.
  15. The service will not be used for any illegal, illegitimate or inappropriate purpose; and Encore TeleSolutions will treat all messages as confidential. Encore TeleSolutions may cancel without notice for reasons of non-payment, misuse of the line, or abuse of the service.
  16. Failure of ‘Subscriber’ to sign and return a contract does not nullify the terms and conditions set forth herein. Use of said service described herein by the ‘Subscriber’ will constitute acknowledgment of the terms set forth until notice of cancellation is received by Encore TeleSolutions Inc. as described in clauses 1 through 17, herein.
  17. The rates set out are subject to an annual increase.
  18. Should the clients Service Package rate increase, a deposit to accommodate the new package rate will be required.
  19. Terms and conditions of this agreement may not be altered without the consent of Encore TeleSolutions. However, terms and conditions may be changed, added or deleted by Encore TeleSolutions with due notice to the ‘Subscriber’.
  20. The current terms and conditions as sent with your monthly invoice replace any or all other terms and conditions.