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Telephone Answering Service in Saskatoon


What if we told you that you could have a 24/7 receptionist, without having to pay them a full-time salary, or them ever taking a sick day? Encore Tele Solutions can help provide answering and reception services that can help you manage your calls while you manage your business.

For over 50 years, our clients have entrusted us to be the first voice their customers hear. Our phone answering and reception services are provided with professional and friendly receptionists that help improve the customer experience of your business.

Saskatoon Answering & Reception Services

Delight your callers with a live response every time they call. Our reception services are available 24/7 including after hours and on the weekends so you can effectively manage your calls in a professional and courteous manner.

Help Desk and Order Taking in Saskatoon

Ensure that all of your customers’ questions and orders are answered with our help desk and order taking service with trained professionals.

Appointment Booking in Saskatoon

Appointment booking can be made easy with the booking services provided by Encore Tele Solutions that can eliminate the frustration of booking an appointment.

Saskatoon Employee Absence and Incident Reporting

Whenever an employee needs to call in for an absence, we can provide a 24/7 reporting service that can make it easier to call in for an absence or reporting an incident with detailed reports.

Saskatoon Safety Check-In

If your employees are working in isolation, we provide an efficient way of making sure your employees are complying to safety regulations with our safety check-in services.

Emergency Dispatch in Saskatoon

Whenever an emergency happens, we can help you with a 24/7 emergency dispatch service that provides information that will be crucial to the emergency situation so that you can make the right decision.

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