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Customer Care

This service allows you to show your customers that you value their business as well as maintain a high level of customer service. We can conduct customer service telephone and email surveys, follow up on service, product installation or maintenance, perform warranty renewal calls, update your database and more!

Customers don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care. Keep in touch with your customers, keep them informed about more than just how much their bill is. Keep them informed and involved, not only may they buy more, they will tell their friends about you.

Let your customers know about other aspects of your business keep in touch to keep your company top of mind. Ways to do this include sending a newsletter, offers for new products and even educational opportunities such as workshops and webinars. Try asking their opinion using a satisfaction survey. At minimum a call to update their information yearly can provide valuable information about changes to the company and give you the information you need to drive more business. If you don’t have time of staff to do this, we can help. Our friendly professional customer care representatives are available to assist on an ongoing or project basis.

Survey your customers for their satisfaction after service call or receipt of product. Send a survey by email or by phone. As well as letting your customers know you care and helping you know what is working and what areas need improvement, this can provide a great source of testimonials for your website.

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