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Repower Canada : A Case Study

Repower Canada : A Case Study

A case study completed by Repower Canada on the success of our Green Initiative.


Summary of Assessment

Company Background

Encore Telesolutions

  • in business for 47 years
  • committed to providing a consistent level of quality service
  • recognized with the Cam X Award of Excellence in 2008

Major Concerns/Energy Consumers

  • heating & cooling
  • building envelope
  • inefficient electric furnace
  • oversized aging electric hot water tank
  • high energy bills

Implemented Recommendations completed summer of 2009

Natural Gas (Fuel Substitution)

  • removal of electric furnace
  • gas line to mechanical room
  • new high efficiency furnace

Air Conditioning

  • new AC unit


  • removal of existing insulation in attic
  • 4” foam to underside of roof
  • 12” cellulose in attic

Water heater

  • Smaller electric hot water tank, relocated to location of hot water usage


Looking at combined energy costs, year over year ending March 2010, annual savings
were approximately 20%.  In winter 2009/2010, natural gas heating was introduced.
From November 2009 through March 2010, winter savings averaged approximately

Combined Energy Costs Year over Year - Encore TeleSolutions - 2010

Project costs were $17,546 including grants.  With annual savings expected to be
approximately $2,760, simple payback is about 6.4 years.  Not too bad when considering
the scope of the project!

What our client said…

In the Spring of 2009 we contacted RePower Canada to initiate an energy review of our building.
Our energy costs were climbing, our average hydro bill was in the $800.+ /month range for 1400
square foot building, climbing up to $975 during months with extreme temperatures.  We had
difficulty regulating heat/ cooling; it was necessary to use fans and space heaters in rooms to
achieve comfort even though there was a central heating and air conditioning system.
An energy audit of the building was done to see how we could improve the energy consumption
of our building, as a result of this audit:

1.  Upgraded our furnace from a forced air electric to a gas furnace using much less energy
to produce the same amount of heat.
2.  Upgraded our insulation in the roof and attic from wood chips (R factor 0‐5) and
fiberglass (R factor 12) to 4 inch foam between the rafters (R factor 26) and cellulose in the attic
space (R factor 40).
3.  Our 40 gallon hot water heater circa 1985 has been replaced with a cute little 5 gallon
which now lives under the sink in the bathroom, much closer to where it is needed.
4.  Weather stripping has been improved around the outside doors to decrease drafts.

As a result of the work done, we have realized an average savings in our utilities of $300. Per

Additionally we find we have more consistent and comfortable temperatures throughout the
building. Our utility bills are more consistent, around $500 per month. This makes it easier to
forecast our ongoing costs.

I appreciated RePower Canada’s participation in the process. They researched options and
presented us with the most feasible choices, keeping in mind our budget and future plans. They
were often on hand when the work was being done and were great to follow up on any
concerns or questions. I would recommend RePower Canada to anyone considering
implementing changes systems to improve their energy consumption.

Kelly Doran
Encore TeleSolutions

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