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Office Telephone Answering Service

Office Telephone Answering Service

Benefits of using Telephone Answering Service for your office

Warm Professional Greeting and Professional Customer Support 24/7

Even if you have daytime reception in your office, Office Telephone Answering service can take the calls after hours, weekends or as a back up for busy days or times. Emergency or urgent calls can be sent to the on call person immediately and routine calls can be dealt with according to your instructions. Provide a friendly, professional reception to your callers whenever they call.

Customized Call Handling

We offer a variety of services to choose from including employee safety check in, direct to appropriate department/person, information gathering for quote or inquiry, call screening, dispatch, appointment scheduling, order taking, form completion. Your calls are handled according to your instructions, information can be sent to your office by text, email or be entered directly into your on line system.

Making the most of your employee’s time and expertise

Limit the interruptions to your employee’s time, answering the phone can pull staff away from other more productive duties. A Telephone Answering Service can manage your calls and route them to the proper person or department. We can gather the necessary data from the caller and allow your staff to return the call prepared with the information they need to resolve issues in a timely manner.

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