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Make Office Greening a Company Project

Make Office Greening a Company Project

green energyWe all know how important it is to think green for the sake of our planet and save money at the same time. Most people think about being greening at home, but many don’t think about greening at the office. The fact is that the office environment offers many great opportunities to go green and save.

A fun idea is to make office greening a company project. If everyone gets involved in looking for innovative ways to reduce consumption and waste, the entire office can benefit.

Below are some ideas we have tried.

  • Collect paper hand towels for organics collection  rather than putting them in the garbage.
  • Collect batteries in separate container for disposal as hazardous waste rather than sending these to the landfill.  Better still, switch to rechargeable batteries.
  • Conduct a garbage audit, learn what is being put into the bag destined for the landfill. This will give you an idea of how to improve on your green practices.
  • Have a staff or department contest for smallest amount of garbage made in 1 week.
  • Look for the greenest suppliers, send a short questionnaire about their green practices.
  • Hand out green award to places you frequent that make an effort to be green (use recycled paper or better still email it!)
  • Switch to compact florescent light bulbs. Not only will they save you energy, but they will emit a larger spectrum of light, which is said to be more pleasant and healthier.
  • Use Power Bars with timers – no one in the office from 6pm until 9am? Set the timer to automatically turn off  printers, screens and copy machines when no one is around. Set them to power up just before the office opens. No one needs to remember to power off, it is done automatically!
  • Scale down the size of personal garbage cans, if possible, have a garbage container is only ½ the size of the recycle container.
  • Promote the use of travel mugs for runs to Tim Hortons.

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