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How can a Telephone Answering Service help my business?

How can a Telephone Answering Service help my business?

24 hour coverage

  • Answering the phone when you/ your staff are not able to; (busy with other customers, in a meeting, on the road, in the bathroom, eating dinner with the family, sleeping, on vacation or any other time the phone rings and you are not available)


  • Signing up for a call answering service means you will never have to worry about the phone not being answered. If you or your staff are ill or unable to come to work, if your building floods or your team needs undisturbed time to finish an important project, your phone answering service is ready to take the calls.


  • On call staffing and fail over power and technology systems means we are ready to take your calls, what ever the weather or situation.

Cost effective

  • After hours answering service can manage your calls after regular business hours, weekends and holidays, available for as little as $6 a day (based on a monthly package).
  • With the increase in minimum wage, phone answering service is a cost-effective way of providing customer service at a fraction of the price of hiring an employee.

A Caring Voice

  • A reassuring response from a live person, goes a long in the quest for great customer service.

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