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Encore TeleSolutions Employee Absence Reporting

Encore TeleSolutions Employee Absence Reporting

Today’s Answering Services do more than just taking a message. There are a wide range of tasks that can be outsourced to make businesses run smoothly.

Monitoring is the first place to start in managing absenteeism, knowing not just when but why employees are calling off.

Employee Absence Reporting is a task that is best handled by an outside company. Taking this task outside of the company provides a neutral third party for your employees to report their absences to. All employees would be required to call the absence reporting line to report their absence and answer questions set by your HR department regarding their absence; for example, type of absence, expected date of return and/or other questions as required. This information is time and date stamped and can be sent to the appropriate supervisor or department by email or text. Some companies also have us provide a unique book off number to the employee calling in, as confirmation they have followed company policy.

Using a live answering service rather than an automated system is easy for employees who may struggle with automation if they are feeling upset or unwell. Using a third party to handle these calls allows questions to be asked about the absence and frees management to deal with the facts of the employee’s absence.

Tracking absenteeism will help to see the whole picture, not just the overall rate but also the specific reasons and durations of absence. Once you have a better view, programs and policies can be put in place to manage and improve.

This service is offered in British Columbia, specifically in Vancouver, Langley, Kelowna, Squamish, Dawson Creek and Fort St. John as well as the other cities in Canada and the United States.

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