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Call Screening: Making Your Time A Priority

Call Screening: Making Your Time A Priority

Is your day constantly interrupted by your cell phone? You believe in being available to your customers and staff but accomplishing a task in a reasonable amount of time is difficult, because you are constantly stopping work to deal with someone else’s issues.

Turning over control of your day to others will leave you feeling worn out and frustrated, unable to do many of the things you want to accomplish. By controlling interruptions, you will be able to focus on accomplishing tasks important to you and your business.

Being available to customers with questions whenever they call is a great idea, but should you be the one providing all of the answers? Even if you don’t answer the phone when it rings, and the caller leaves a voice mail message, you need to find time to retrieve the message and call them back. Hiring an assistant to help is an option but there is a more economical answer.

An answering service can provide you with around the clock availability to free you from the phone. Simply forward your line when you want us to take the calls; for blocks of time during the day, after business hours, overnight, on the weekend or even 24/7.

A Professional Answering Service can screen out nuisance calls, provide answers to commonly asked questions, book appointments, take details from callers so you can return the call prepared with the information you need. If you are waiting for a particular call or have a list of VIP callers, let us know and we will be sure to connect these callers to you.

Save your sanity and provide a professional reception to your callers, both are possible!

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