Employee Safety Check In

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Employee Safety Check In

The Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety recommends  a check-in procedure for all employees working alone or in  high risk activities.

A person is "alone" at work when they are on their own; when they cannot be seen or heard by another person; and when they cannot expect a visit from another worker.

Working alone includes all employees who may go for a period of time where they do not have direct contact with a co-worker. Some examples are gas station attendants, convenience store clerks, food outlet employees, taxi drivers, home care employees, social service workers, security guards or custodians or oil patch workers.

A cost effective way to ensure the safety of your staff and comply with safety regulations without the cost of an additional staff is to use a safety check in service.  

Employees who work alone are able to check in with a safety agent by phone on a routine or predetermined basis. If workers do not check in at the agreed upon time, our staff will immediately contact them and confirm all is well.  If we are unable to reach them, the situation is escalated to the next level, often a call to the staff members supervisor to investigate.

This service also provides documented proof of regular contact kept with employees. A report can be sent daily to account for people while they are working alone.


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