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Employee Absence Reporting Line

The Employee absence reporting hotline is company specific and can can be accessed 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Your employees simply call to submit their absence, we will record the employee information, time, date, reason for the book off. The employee is given a unique number that corresponds to the incident. Details of this absence can be sent via email, phone or text to the supervisor. Your human resources department is provided with a record of the absence. This service is very useful for employee records and evaluations. Third party tracking and reporting of employee absences works well in both a union and a non union environment.

Replacement services

As an added service we can also provide Employee Replacement Service. When an absence is received we can contact your on call or replacement pool and assign the shift. This way staff can be scheduled as soon as possible, giving more notice to the staff covering and allowing the supervisor to focus on production duties rather than scrambling to find replacement staff.

Listen to this sample absence reporting call