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Emergency Dispatch

When the lights go out, trees come down, fires rage or waters rise, there’s no time to wait. Whether you are trying to protect or restore your safety, your property or your business operations, having Emergency Dispatch and a 24-hour live reception service is crucial. We are your solution to Emergency dispatch.

Listen to this sample emergency call

For You

Do you have on call staff?

Having an emergency dispatch line can save your company time and money in unnecessary overtime. Your calls will be answered and prioritized according to your specifications. The right staff will be called out for jobs truly requiring emergency action. Urgent but not emergency visits can be scheduled or held for the next business day.

Situations that change can immediately be upgraded for the appropriate action. A report of the call and details of how it was dealt with will be emailed to your office for follow up.

Do you have a back up plan for your business in case of emergency? Will your phone system work if the power goes out? what if there is a fire at your office? How will you stay in touch with your people? How will you communicate with your customers? Having a emergency dispatch service in place to deal with these situations can be a major part of your company’s disaster back up plan.

For Them

Are you available when they need you?

Customers who are facing an emergency do not want to wait leave a message on your voicemail or wait for a return email the next business day. If they have a tree down on the house, basement flooding or fire damage they need a friendly, calm, reassuring voice whatever the time of day or night. Your customer needs to know you care and are there to help them. By taking the details and connecting them with the right person, they are reassured that help is on the way.