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Professional Answering Service is Alive and Well

Professional Answering Service is Alive and Well

Asian call center female operator with headphonesI recently went to a networking event, when I introduced myself and our business, the person I was speaking with said she didn’t know that answering services existed anymore.

Answering Services have evolved over the years, taking on new names to try and reflect the changes that have happened in our industry, and our expanding role within our customers businesses. You may know us as a contact centre, help desk or after-hours reception service.

We provide the connection for our customers when they are not able to. Providing a friendly and professional answer to inquiries part time or all of the time. Now instead of just taking a name phone number and brief message, technology has allowed us to do so much more.

In the late 80’s many Answering Services (including ours) would answer our customers line on a cord board, write down the message on a message slip, and put the message slip in the client’s message slot above the cord board. When the client called in for their messages, the operator would read the messages to the client while they wrote down the information on their end of the line to make return calls.

Fast forward to 2017 – calls still come into the Answering Service, many are dealt with without our customer needing to do anything. Systems and technologies are in place for us to be an extension of our customer’s office.

  • Do your callers needs to make an appointment? We take the relevant information and book them into an on-line calendar. Pricing information, driving directions and qualifications of the Practitioners are some of the details we can share with the callers. Reminder calls are also available.
  • Are you getting hang ups on voice mail? We can provide a friendly professional voice to manage your calls when you are out of the office or busy during the day. We can gather caller details, provide routine information such as product or service specifics, connect the caller to the most appropriate person, take an order or dispatch a service technician. If you choose, you can receive an email of all call details for follow up and tracking.
  • Need help for a specific project or department? An event hotline can provide answers to frequently asked questions, calls to last year’s participants to inform and take registration, direct callers inquiries to the most appropriate person for other than routine questions. Human Resources tracking for employee absences or a safety check in line for staff working alone is a cost-effective way to comply with HR regulations, without the cost of additional staff to run the program in house.

Gone are the hand-written messages consisting of name, phone number and brief message. Todays Answering Service provides Tele Solutions that are customized to the needs of our clients.

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