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Office Reception and Telephone Answering Services

Office Reception and Telephone Answering Services

Young business woman working late in office.She works late into the night looking at monitor.

Does this sound familiar?

I would like to share a recent conversation I have with a local business person. Like many entrepreneurs, she struggled with finding the balance between managing her responsibilities and making sure the day to day tasks of running a business were done effectively. Shari understands the importance customer service and felt the need to help manage all the calls coming in to the business, as these were potentially bringing new business in.

Unfortunately, the time Shari was spending managing the calls, providing basic information to the callers and rescheduling appointments was taking up much of her day. This was causing her to put the important tasks she needed to do off until after the end of the regular business day. Shari was burning out!

Fortunately, Shari’s business coach recommended that she focus her energies, delegating some of the important but time consuming tasks, allowing her to spend more time on the details that would make her business grow.

Shari turned to Encore TeleSolutions to manage her telephone office reception and appointment scheduling needs. We worked together to develop a list of frequently asked questions, procedures for different call types and an appointment scheduling feature for Shari and her associates. Shari’s calls are now answered 24 hours a day, allowing her customers to call anytime and alleviating any time zone issues.

As a result, she is able to have time to accomplish the important things in her day knowing that her calls were being answered and managed in a friendly and professional manner.

And now, Shari is now able to have dinner with her family (at least a few times a week) and feels relieved that she has more time to focus.

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