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Our business and productivity blog that aims to educate and interact with individuals who are looking to enhance and maximize their business and themselves.

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Recent blog posts

3 Top Reasons For Using An Answering Service After Hours

Callers are more likely to leave a message on your off hours with a human voice as opposed to a voice mail box. This allows you to capture more leads from your advertising dollars. If you provide emergency service to your customers after hours, an answering service can help by screening your calls. Using a set criteria to determine if the call is urgent or non-urgent, your service technicians can be dispatched as per your... Continue reading
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Call Screening Saves Your Valuable TIme

Thrill your customers! Have every call answered by a live person.  In the past businesses let the call go to the answering machine or voice mail. Though this may have been more convenient for those working at the business, it was annoying for the callers. There are many complex phone systems out there that will direct callers to the appropriate person, or voice mail box if they are configured properly and if the caller knows... Continue reading
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No Power Communications

During that past few days, we have experienced some wild weather. Ferocious winds, hail and rain have caused downed trees, power outages, and flooding.  Some of our clients found they were unable to use their telephones because of the power outage. The newer digital telephone systems will not work in a power outage (unless there is a battery backup). VOIP phones will also not run in a power outage as the system needs electricity to... Continue reading
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Save energy and time while at work

Could you use some extra time in your day? Studies show that for every hour of planning, 3 to 4 hours are saved from redundancy, waiting for information, not being prepared and poorly managed tasks. Take some time from your “crazy busy day” to look at these responsibilities, decide the best way to handle these tasks  and use that approach consistently.   Look at your repetitive communication tasks such as phone calls and emails. What... Continue reading
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Improve your Heart Health - with a Vacation!

Give your heart a break! Research shows that the long-term benefits associated with taking regular vacations contribute to better health, relationships and job performance. According to the Framingham Heart study, people who had more frequent vacations had longer healthier lives. The study reported that men who skipped vacation for several years were 30 percent more likely to suffer heart attacks than those who took a vacation at least one week a year. As leisure time decreases,... Continue reading
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Calming phrases for upset customers

Sometimes customers are unhappy with a product, service or situation. When this happens they have 2 options. They can call the company and let them know there is a problem or they can just leave, often telling all their friends about the problems they had. Those who choose to give us a chance to solve the problem, should be recognized as great customers. The basics of handling upset customers When handling upset customers, these are... Continue reading
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5 Tips For A Better Day At Work

  We spend a lot of time at work. Have you ever noticed how your mood is affected by those around you?  Co-workers who complain about each other and their problems are not very uplifting. Are you looking for a way to combat the negativity? Try these quick and easy tips, project a positive attitude and others will follow!   Smile, even if you are not happy, your mood and those of others around you... Continue reading
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5 Essential Customer Communication Tips

Communicating with customers effectively and with respect is very important to every business, below are 5 essential customer communication tips for you to be mindful of...

Continue reading
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When Disaster Strikes your business will you be prepared?

The best way to get through an emergency is to have a plan. Emergencies and disasters occur at any time without warning. The more you prepare for them the better you will be able to react when an emergency happens. Every business should have an emergency and business continuity plan in place.

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What are they not telling you?

“Oh yeah, it’s been like that for 2 weeks.” If you had only known, something could have been done before it became a huge and costly problem. How many times have you had to pay to fix something that could have been prevented, whether it is an HR issue, an accident or equipment needing repair? A reporting line may be the answer. One central place for staff to report hazards, unsafe conditions or activities and... Continue reading
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Are your workers at risk? Working alone in Canada

According to the Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety, a person is "alone" at work when they are on their own; when they cannot be seen or heard by another person; and when they cannot expect a visit from another worker or customer.

People working alone face a range of risks from being alone during a health episode such as heart attack, stroke or seizure to being involved with an assault or robbery.

Continue reading
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6 Great Reasons for Contact Forms on your Business Website

  Having a contact form on your website makes it look more professional.  Just like having a Google Map (or Bing Map, or Other Map) next to your address, having a contact form gives the appearance that you are making a real effort to receive their information.  Below is a list of more reasons why your business can benefit from having a contact form installed on your website. It allows your visitors the option to... Continue reading
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10 Green Christmas Gift Ideas for The Holidays!



How can you make the holiday season more sustainable for friends and family? Here are some green, eco-friendly gift ideas, remember to get off to a good start by taking your reusable shopping bags with you when you are in your favourite stores!

Continue reading
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Are you paying too much? 4 Steps To Savings

  A wise business person once told me “ if you can track it, you can improve it.”. This is definitely the case with business expenses that fluctuate from month to month.   Do you know to the penny what you are paying for your cell phone, bank fees, and electric bill? Are you paying the same as you were paying when you signed up for the service or has there been an increase? Are... Continue reading
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Cool New Web Tools

  Are you tracking how well your website is working? Google analytics can tell you how many visitors you have and what pages people are visiting on your website. There is a way to get a more in-depth look at what people are actually doing on a specific web page.   A heat map tool shows where your visitors are clicking on your page and statistically how many times. You can find out if they... Continue reading
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7 Organization Tips For Keeping Your Work Day Sane

Everyone knows that life can get complicated at times – although complications are present, we still must do our jobs. The idea of simplification in the workplace brings clarity and productivity to your work day. How can you increase clarity and productivity? Below are 7 organization tips that will help keep your work day sane.   Organize your office. By having a place for all of your work supplies, important documents or tools that you need... Continue reading
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4 Ways You Can Market Your Website

  So you have just invested your marketing dollars into a brand new website for your business. Your content is ready to be shared, your contact form is in working order, and your business has established a consistent brand with the website layout and colours… now what?   Will potential customers stumble blindly into your website?   Do you wait patiently for your phone to ring?   Having a beautiful and high functioning website is... Continue reading
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From Dinosaurs to Digital - Keeping up with the Evolution of Business Communications

Business communication has evolved. There are many ways to connect with your customers today. Social media is all the rage but it is important to make sure you are strong in the basic business communications first. Update your website; this is often where people start to look for products and services. Address the most commonly asked questions in a "frequently asked questions" page on your website. Highlight your most popular products and services using photos,... Continue reading
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Looking for a live answering service for your company?

Though price is important, it should not be the only determining factor when looking for the best live answering service for your business. Here are some questions you should consider when doing your research. Are they Responsive? Did they get back to your initial inquiry in a timely manner? Did they follow up with answers to your questions? Are they Experienced? How long have they been in business? Can they provide references? Have they won any... Continue reading
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How secure is your network?

Privacy and security has become a big issue with organizations of all sizes. What can be done to protect your business?  We asked Information Technology Specialist, Trevor Raybould. “Every company has their own unique requirements and they also have different budgets allocated to protecting their assets. (An asset includes hardware such as a laptop, cell phone etc; software, and intellectual property such as source code, documents and spreadsheets, etc.) There are too many areas of... Continue reading
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Give Your Heart A Break!

Improve your heart health with a vacation...

Research shows that the long-term benefits associated with taking regular vacations contribute to better health, relationships and job performance. According to the Framingham Heart study, people who had more frequent vacations had longer healthier lives...

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